We offer affordable chiropractic care to make it easy for you to make your health a priority and to see the DIFFERENCE we offer you!

Use your Flex or HSA funds at our clinic!  We take the Flex and HSA cards, and we also work with HRA Plans.


We offer very reasonable cash (non-insurance) prices for your chiropractic care. Cash patients typically pay $47 cash/check or $50 per chiropractic appointment* (including adjustment and other necessary physiotherapies.  Rehab exercise and other services may be separate).  Dr. Stein always takes his time with every patient and gives you the care you need each day.  At our clinic you never feel like a number, and can be assured you are receiving the most excellent care from an experienced, caring, and skilled provider.

Consider paying ahead based on your treatment schedule so you can avoid having to stop and pay each time.  We will keep record of your payments for your Flex, HSA, and/or end-of-year medical expense tax paperwork.



We accept most major-medical (non-HMO) insurances. We are an In-Network Provider for:

  • Alliance Plans (UMR, Cigna, Auxiant, etc.)

We also accept most major-medical insurance plans (i.e. Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Principal, UnitedHealthcare, WEA, WPS, Wisconsin Laborers, etc.).  Please bring in your insurance card and let us check your insurance plan for you.  Many times out-of-network benefits will still work very well for you!

We are not an in-network Provider for any HMO plans; however, Dean, Physicians Plus, and Unity offer “Point Of Sale” (POS) plans that we can take as an out-of-network Provider.  Also, be sure to consider any deductible, co-insurance, or co-pays you may have with your HMO plan.  Quite often we are competitive with co-pay amounts, or it may even cost less to pay “0ut of pocket”.  And remember, you always receive the most attentive and excellent care at our clinic!  Check your insurance card!


Treatment Plan

We enjoy seeing our patients on a regular basis. Taking care of your body and getting adjusted regularly really improves your overall health and well-being, not to mention keeping you flexible and pain-free.

We have found that the following schedule of treatment to be the most effective for the majority of patients. Of course, we will customize your treatment plan to fit your diagnosis:

Acute Stage

  • New Patient Exam and Full Spine X-Rays with a Report of Findings
  • 3 appointments/week for 2 weeks
  • 2 appointments/week for 2 weeks

Rehabilitation Stage

  • 1 appointment/week for 4 weeks
  • 1 appointment every 2 weeks (4 sessions)

Maintenance Stage

  • 1 appointment/4-6 weeks

Call 608-273-2222 to schedule your appointment today!

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