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Picture yourself waking up every morning, free from any discomfort. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is a proven method that can assist you in reclaiming a pain-free life!

What is PRP Therapy?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are becoming more popular to help treat a variety of conditions, from joint pain and sports injuries to mobility and hair loss. At New Health, we help patients experience life without pain through PRP injections. Dr. Rich and Morgan, our Nurse Practicioner, will work one-on-one with you to understand PRP therapy, how it can help you and what you can do to maiximize the benefits of the treatment.

What is platelet-rich plasma? In the most simple form: it’s plasma, the liquid portion of blood, and platelets, a type of blood cell that plays an important role in healing. Platelet-rich plasma is created by taking your own blood and concentrating the plasma by rapidly spinning your blood in a device called a centrifuge. This process will also separate out other elements of your blood that aren’t used in PRP injection therapy.

image of blood centrifuge

Why consider PRP Therapy?

PRP injection therapy is an increasingly popular treatment that is safe and uses the power of your own blood to heal yourself. Whether treating knee pain that makes you grimmace when you wake or treating a sports injury from the court, PRP offers incredible potential to return to a pain free lifestyle in rapid time.

At New Health, we work with you to avoid surgery and other invasive procedures while helping our patients reduce their dependency on over-the-counter and prescription drug use. PRP is an incredible option now available to patients!

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To get started, request a consultation with Dr. Rich. He will help you understand the possibilities of PRP, the benefits, risks, and discuss timing. 

Every body is unique and New Health strives to respect that from initial consultation through the treatment journey. We are excited to meet with you soon!

Please share basic information about the pain or discomfort you are experiencing. (Please avoid including personally-identifiable or medical information)

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