Chiropractic Services

Corrective Exercise & Rehab

Dr. Rich combines the science of chiropractic with rehabilitation exercise to strengthen your body.  Learning rehab exercises will be part of your overall chiropractic treatment at New Health.  These are exercise using foam rollers, balance boards, therapy bands, strengthening equipment, and other specialty exercises that you are easily able to continue doing at home with minimal equipment.  Rehab exercises are focused on increasing muscle strength in the areas of your body responsible for maintaining proper alignment.

Chiropractic Care

Most patients who visit a chiropractor are experiencing an ache or pain. The discomfort may have come on suddenly or as the result of an accident; it may have started as a minor discomfort that has gotten worse over time. Whether addressing new pain or chronic pain, chiropractic care follows a very clear path of stages. Each stage includes important and specific elements. Dr. Rich follows these stages of care:


Dr. Rich will talk with you about any pain or discomfort you are experiencing. Next, we will take X-rays and complete a thorough examination. The x-ray is absolutely critical to accurately diagnose your condition and provide the most efficient and accurate treatment.

We will carefully apply any necessary therapies to provide you with immediate pain relief. The doctor needs time to process and review your x-rays, so he will schedule you for a follow-up appointment either later that same day or the following day, during which he will go over your x-rays with you.

The doctor will read your x-rays, report his findings, and share his diagnosis. He will offer a strategy for healing, providing a complete and clear explanation and carefully answering any questions you may have.


As we begin to work together we focus on rapidly eliminating or reducing your immediate pain or discomfort and on stabilizing the condition. During this phase visits are relatively frequent as we correct your initial problem. While making these corrections naturally and effectively can take some time, this healing progress is actually quite rapid.

We know you want prompt relief from pain or discomfort! This phase of care is designed to provide that relief, and to do so as quickly as possible.

We fine-tune your care to best suit you, your chiropractic care needs, your schedule, and your level of motivation. This is why the timeframe for this phase must differ for each individual. In general, this phase will include 2-3 treatments a week for 3-6 weeks.

On your second appointment, the doctor will review your X-rays with you and will clearly point out the areas of your body that may be causing you pain or discomfort, such as spinal misalignment, degenerating joints or disks, bone spurs, etc. You will clearly understand exactly what he is seeing on the X-rays, his diagnosis, and the reasons for his prescribed care.

During this phase we focus on the following:

  • reducing swelling,
  • alleviating pressure,
  • loosening stiff joints, and
  • reducing your overall symptoms.

We’ll also work with you to address additional aspects of your well-being. Together we will determine nutritional care and exercises that you can do at home to help fortify each of these important building-blocks:

  • physical stability,
  • mobility and range of motion,
  • rehabilitation, and
  • strengthening.


Our clinic employs the latest chiropractic technologies. We will determine the therapies that are best for you from among the following. These techniques help reduce inflammation and tenderness and complement your chiropractic adjustments. 


After completing the groundwork described above, the doctor will apply manual adjustments that are just right for you. Your comfort during treatment is paramount, and every adjustment is made gently yet effectively. We take into account your specific level of pain and tenderness and will continually double-check to make sure you are comfortable during the adjustments.

Dr. Rich has adjusted patients from 9 days to 99 years old, from body builders to pregnant women – he’ll be sure to use the adjustment technique that works best for you.