Meet Our Team.

Dr. Rich Merrion


Dr. Rich MerrionDr. Rich Merrion provides the proper diagnosis and chiropractic treatment that you need to feel well and live a pain-free life.  He incorporates extremity adjustments, corrective rehabilitation exercise, and nutritional supplementation to provide a whole-body care experience focused on your needs.

Dr. Rich will work with your personal wellness team who can extend your care to include other realms of healthcare that will complement your chiropractic care, such as massage, acupuncture, and exercise and personal training.

Ellie Bauer Lindquist


Ellie is our Office Manager, Chiropractic Technician, and Chiropractic Radiologic Technician. She has been with New Health since December of 2017, and has loved her one on one time with patients.

Ellie’s favorite therapy to perform on a patient as a CT is High Volt Ultrasound. Her favorite part is knowing exactly what spot on the body will cause the biggest muscle contractions when doing this therapy. She also enjoys the added responsibility of taking x-rays for our patients.

Ellie is a shining light in our office and will always greet you with a beaming smile. Her positive attitude and empathy, along with Dr. Rich’s magic hands, will get you feeling better in no time!

Our growing practice is currently hiring for an Office Assistant. If you have a friendly smile and a passion to help others, this may be the opportunity for you!